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PR Marketing

Let HomesScope Manage Your PR Marketing

Public relations management is one of the most important aspects of marketing and branding for any type of company or business. Unfortunately, many businesses in Dubai, UAE in the interior design and related fields do not have a PR agency working on their behalf.

Our PR Services

PR firms are not the same as advertising agencies, although many PR marketing companies do also offer advertising and marketing services. Public relations are designed to protect and to brand your company in a positive, socially engaging light. This is essential as a component of branding as it provides a story or a narrative about your business that creates a relationship of trust that potential customers and clients will look for before hiring a service. As a top PR agency that focusses exclusively with companies in the Interior Design and Architecture field, HomesScope is uniquely positioned to manage your PR needs. We work closely with marketing and branding to develop news releases and to work directly with the media networks throughout the GCC region. This ensures that any newsworthy item, from the launch of a new line of products to winning a large project, is reported out to your customers and clients to see.

Consultancy Services

Many of the Interior Design and Architecture businesses we work with are located in Dubai, UAE, but we also work with international companies offering services in the GCC region. As one of the most recognised PR consultancy companies, we will work with your team to develop effective, short and long-term plans to boost marketing potential, increase brand visibility and reach a large target audience across the UAE as well as on a global level.