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 Creative Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles in Modern Interior Design

Decorating with mosaic tiles have always been in fashion and its popularity shows no signs of waning through time.

They can be incorporated into current and classier interior designs alike. The key to a successful interior design doesn’t always aim to enhance the stylistic status of your home decor, but ultimately to add to your home value. By using mosaic tiles, you instantly add a unique accent and a classy character to your interior design, meeting your personal unique taste.


#Accentuate The Room

Most often, all you need is to accentuate a few stationary things around the room to really make it pop. Covering your fireplace can be a good place to start. Tiny, irregularly shaped tiles can create a wonderful asymmetrical illusion on an otherwise clean-cut fireplace. You can also line your window frames with tiles and fill in niches in the walls.


#Illusion Of Textures

For those rooms that just aren’t meant for bold or playful designs, there is a third option. Aside from the illusion of space, you can also create the illusion of texture. Choosing a specific colour that matches the colour of the walls or the floor and alternating between individual tiles of the same colour shades can make it look as if that area is textured in a certain way. Subtle, yet effective décor.


# Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash isn’t new in kitchens since it plays an essential role in protecting the wall against splashes. Most backsplashes, however, are plain and boring, and homeowners are wasting a splendid opportunity to spice their kitchens up.
Make sure that what you get isn’t just useful for your kitchen. It should also add character to the room. Plus, the tiles you can choose from are virtually endless — from glass tiles, mosaic tiles, to the most colourful ceramic tiles. Just ensure that it harmonizes with the rest of your kitchen and you’re good to go!



One of the most common rooms in a home where mosaics are a part of the whole look is the bathroom. The clean look of clear, coloured tiles, or mirror mosaics makes sense. Where they go is a matter of practicality sometimes, but they might make surprising appearances in other areas.


#Creative Floor Décor

To avoid doing the most basic floor design there is, consider more creative approaches. For example, have a floral pattern on the floor to resemble a field of flowers or geometric.


#Size & Colour

Among more “abstract” advice we can offer is that of playing with the sizes, shapes, and colours of the tiles to achieve a certain look. This goes beyond the typical noticeable designs and plays in subtle ways to create the illusion of a more open space, wider space, or frame a certain section of the room to make it more angular or oval.



Apply mosaic tiles to your coffee table top or the legs of your minimalist armchair, it can be a great eye-catcher. Shelves and cupboards are also very good for this kind of design experimentation. These solutions are guaranteed to be great conversation starters when guests arrive.


#Combine With The Décor

Who says you need to go big, bold and complex with your mosaics? A sneaky little trick opens a whole new world of possibilities for your interior design choices. Consider using certain tiles, colours or patterns as a background for decorative details that will go in front of it.



One of the best places to enjoy the beauty of mosaic ideas is in the back yard. Whether you use mosaics in the garden, or on a patio, it’s an easy way to add this art form to the outside rooms of your home.


Your garden is no different than the interior. It too can get a flair of decadent with just a touch of mosaic. The most usual way it is incorporated is on a tiled pathway through the garden. However, you can also apply colourful tiles to your clay pots or planters, and colour codes them with the plants they are in. It can also be done with bird baths, pool, etc.


Mosaics are an excellent way to add colour, art, and patterns to any room of your house – and outdoors. Glass, ceramic, natural stone, and other materials all work equally well to spruce up an area of your home. Whether you choose the DIY route, or you hire a professional to design a backsplash, flooring, or a pathway, you’re sure to enjoy the artistic touch a mosaic brings to your space.

Got the mosaic bug after that? Click through on the picture below to view more that includes a plethora of mosaic beauties!


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