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Interior Design - Amazing Wall Texture Design Guide Dubai, UAE

 Amazing Wall Texture Designs to Revive Your Home Interiors

Let your home narrate your story……

The texture of the wall could best describe the story of your home to your guests. Numerous patterns of the textured wall colour the heart, not the mere wall. Though colour is often the first thing we turn to when a home is feeling lacklustre or flat, never underestimate the power of texture. Introducing texture to a space gives it so much more depth, and even colour-averse decorators can reap the benefits. The place in the house which is to be showcased needs that much amount of special pampering and attention. It doesn't stop at throws, rugs, and fabrics, either. Enter: texture-rich walls. Dressing your walls up in natural materials like marble and wood—or even paints with a perceived texture effect—will transform the room without taking up surface space.

Let us dive into cool and unique textured wall paint ideas for your home.


#In The Deep End

If you’re keen to dive into the dark side and drown your walls in inky midnight shades there’s a few things to consider first. How much natural lights comes into your space? If you’ve got high ceilings or tall windows, you can dive in as deep as you like, but if space is a little more limited you’ll fare much better sticking to lighter, brighter tones. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing how dark to go. You shouldn’t be afraid of the dark either, these moody blues create a sense of luxe especially when combined with shiny accents. So get the golden touch with metallic accessories, they’ll catch light and shine where you need them to most.


#Ravishing Red

Thinking of giving your bedroom the daintiness of a freshly blossomed rose? Then this should be the wall texture paint that you should be filling your bedroom walls with. This wall texture design and has a set of luminous shades of red mixed with each other giving your walls a glamorous glow. This one can make your bedroom more cosy and dreamy

#Double Denim

Get yourself tangled up in blue with tonal shades. By pairing different blues hues together, you’ll create instant depth inspired by your favourite pair of jeans. Historically blue is the most expensive colour to produce (it’s the rarest occurring pigment found in nature), but don’t let that stop you from splashing out.


#Purple Frost

Sound textures and bold colours can add a whole new dimension to your place. This one comes with the touch of gold, which adds more to the unique texture of the design. Pairing it with appropriately coloured curtains and decor and voila, will create a space that is incredibly unique in its personality.


#Sea Gold

Gold and blue together on your walls is an eye-catching combination. This could be the most exquisite texture paint designs for your bedroom. It comes with golden shine mixed with bluish sheen and gives your wall a unique look. This blue and golden texture design adds a new dimension of interest and uniqueness to your living room.


#Colour Overlay

A painting technique that can add texture and depth to bedroom walls is colour washing. This easy to attain technique adds texture to your desired colour of satin base coat, which is then painted over with a glaze paint mixture to create an overlay of colour and patterns.


#Terrific Teals

If diving straight into the deep blue feels a bit overwhelming for you try adding some teal to your scheme. The perfect blend of earth & sea, this refreshing shade is ideal for brightening up dark corners and pepping up forgotten spaces. Try softening moody blue shades with pops of teal and clashing with yellow for a modern look.


#Rust Box

If you are a nature person and love the touch of rustic metal colours, then the rust box texture design is going to make you go spellbound. This wall texture design is inspired by the raw and natural patterns of corroding rust and distressed metals, it brings an untreated natural flavour and modern touch to your interiors.


#Old Copper Look

Dramatic! Room walls coloured with old copper slightly gives a freaky look by adapting the different colours of light from different angels to motivate the high quality fizz wall texture. Stay always with it.


#Suede/Velvety Texture

A rich velvety or suede texture can add depth and warmth to your walls. A fabric like lax finish can add a soft touch to your walls, making it reek elegance. A great choice for bedroom walls, velvety texture can create a comfortable ambience, toning down the contrasting marble floor or white overall paints with the necessary warmth from the fabric finish.


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