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 16 Luxury Bathroom Ideas For You To Get Legit Obsessed With....

While we may not think of the bathroom as an important part of a home's overall design

when you have a luxurious, perfectly appointed bathroom, people are going to notice...and you may not be able to get them to leave!
Whether you're thinking of your powder room, master bath, or ensuite, we've got ideas upon ideas for how to make your bathroom serious #goals. Colour, pattern, minimalist, farmhouse—you'll find it all in here.

You're looking for the latest features or just want something that fits your carefully coordinated decor, this curated collection of designer bathtubs is sure to inspire. So, dim the lights, put on some soft music, and sink into the tub of your dreams.


#1. Open up a master bathroom to be part of the bedroom. The combined square footage will make a more impressive sized suite. Privacy curtains can be drawn across whenever required.


#2. Highlight those edges. LED strips have many, many applications, but none so popular right now as the perimeter lighting track. Light up every edge of the raised floor, dropped ceiling, shower wall and vanity mirror.


#3. Add a slice of interest with contrasting floor treatments and wall tiles. It’s not unusual to pick out more than one style of tile for your bathroom to define a shower floor or a raised platform, but why not push it beyond parallel lines? Cut tiles or boards on the diagonal to make a stand out space.


#4. Mix Your Styles - A little bit modern, a little bit industrial—we're all about this warm, light-filled bathroom. The plush green and blue rug adds colour and texture.


#5. Add a little shimmer to your wet wall. The extra sheen will bestow a look of glamour on the whole room. Team with some marble accents to take the trend high-end.


#6. Hang a modern chandelier over the bathtub – or set your tub below a magnificent central fixture.


#7. Fashion an eclectic modern bathroom. Pull together a collection of statement pieces that are each beautiful in their own right, even if they’re not necessarily ‘matching’. Use the intermittent decor to pull the elements together – like this colourful rug that echoes one circular coral table, and the stripes of an accent chair.


#8. Play with Gold Accents


#9. … Though focussed artificial lighting provides a dramatic effect too.


#10. One statement piece can change everything. The room would still look smart without a hammock bath, but not nearly so impressive.


#11. A combined wet area doesn’t have to mean an over shower bath. Many designs now put the bath and a separate shower unit side by side behind a single splash screen, or upon a platform together to make plumbing and drainage simpler.


#12. Include substantial storage solutions. Bathrooms aren’t always big on cupboard space, but when it comes to bringing in all those fluffy folded towels, you’re going to wish you had somewhere roomy to stash them all.


#13. Put a bed of pebbles beneath the bathtub to connect the decor with a garden backdrop – whether it be a living wall, a bathroom courtyard, or a gorgeous view.


#14. Side tables update a bathroom without making a permanent change. A set of white marble and jade green side tables accessorise this modern grey and white bathroom scheme.

#15. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. Shiny bathroom pendant lighting, collections of decorative vases, multiple reed diffusers, a designer toilet seat, and colour coordinated fresh towels – this master bathroom has it all going on.


#16. Is it the vertical garden or the spectacular pendant light that’s the focal point of this decor? Well, nobody said you were only allowed one hero piece.


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