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August 2017

Do you want to make a room in your house look fresh with a whole new look? One of the most affordable and quickest ways to do so is adding or changing curtains. Curtains make a huge difference. As any decorator will tell you, curtains and drapes make a room – but only when chosen precisely. […]

August 2017
5 tips for decorating a contemporary Victorian home

We just love a period home in this country don’t we? Flick through the pages of any interiors magazine and you’ll find image after image of Victorian terraced houses, Edwardian semis and period flat conversions. Just as certain music and aromas invoke warm memories of good and loving times, a person can be fond of […]

July 2017
Nature At Its Best

The human desire to be closer to nature is likely due to the fact they sub consciously understands the importance of ecology and is continuously thinking of ways to coexist without harming the natural healing cycle. We as human instinctively desire a greener environment especially now that our current environment is plagued by pollution and […]

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