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June 2017
Spotlight on Dubai Art

Being fans of cultural happenings or not, Dubaians are proud of our little art and design community contributing to internationally recognized annual fairs and festivals, the recently held INDEX Design Series, Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai, as well as famous Art Week and Dubai Design Week.
HomesScope was one of the media representatives covering those astonishing festivals of culture and their team is delighted to share with you their experience and fascinations, showing alongside the thoughts of the reputed artists they interviewed. HomesScope.com is a new company to the market and definitely a unique concept in the Middle East that recognizes a huge market potential for art galleries, interior design, and architecture companies, which is growing each day! Though they understand being away from the market makes foreign firms difficult to have a fair competition in Dubai and makes sourcing extremely difficult for the local consumers interested in their products and services. That’s where HomesScope comes in. They are an online directory, serving as a marketing and public relations outlet dedicated to art galleries, interior design and architecture companies worldwide, helping people source their product and services, build the brand awareness and make their business go global.
This one of a kind helping hand to all design related firms was truly honored providing media coverage for Dubai’s design amn art exhibitions, and interviewing talented artists that came from all around the World. We encourage each of them to register their company and list their project’s images directly on www.homesscope.com under the preferred category choice.
Cecilia Setterdahl is one of the HomesScope associated members and certainly, the name recognized in Dubai Design Community. Exhibiting original acrylic paintings and matching hand-knotted carpets, her company’s stand CarpetCC was one of the most well-attended making these artworks so popular among local audience and customers.
Cecilia: “I am a painter, I have been painting for a long time. The paintings are bold geometrical with bright colours and some of that designs are replicated into bespoke carpets and canvas. The carpets are either unique pieces or maximum 10 from one original design and they can be used either as wall art or floor art”, Satterdahl said.
Cecilia: “CarpetsCC has its own showroom and gallery alongside my lovely workshop located at Dubai Design District d3. People are welcome to visit us, purchase their favorite piece or just enjoy the artwork, which will be my greatest satisfaction”, Cecilia added.

Another well- known representative of the local art hub is Mr. Fawad Durrani, CEO & Founder of a local gallery Cross Borders Art. CB Art is a Dubai-based art and design consultancy that offers a creative approach to residential, corporate, hospitality and healthcare clients. Equipped to deal with any design project – large or small, anywhere within the GCC, this company is home to professionals with a background in art, design, photography, psychology, branding, experiential design, and art logistics.

Fawad: “Art world in Dubai has grown drastically over the last few years. This has had a significant impact of people buying art for their homes especially for the properties they have bought in the UAE”, he said.

Cross Borders gallery is known by working towards removing geographical borders and social differences through art. They are proud of having possession of masterpieces including breathtaking oil paintings, sculptures and still captures. The gallery represents a series of paintings called the Islamic Art, which comprises of an aesthetic portrayal of the rich cultures of Islamic societies. The most notable aspect of Islamic art is powerful edition Arabic Calligraphy, that makes the audience feel a deep religious connection with their Creator.
Fawad: “My Most favorable art piece is an abstract of the Horse, painted by a well know artist, Mashkoor Raza. As the house also signifies Power its very popular in the UAE amongst locals”, Fawad added.
Fawad: “Our artwork carries a message to be sent to the World: Home is where the art is! From art consultancy, selection and implementation, CB Art’s attention to detail will ensure your house becomes your home. We don’t believe in discriminating between any nationality and the team of artists welcomes everyone to become a part of this finest art gallery and help the gallery in showcasing the beauty of art.”
Not only attempting to provide a platform as the meeting point for artists and visitors, this gallery extends its purpose to painting an amusing picture of oneness and for this purpose, there cannot be any place in the world better than Dubai.

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