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April 2017
Essential Tips For Designing Your Kitchen

As the kitchen becomes a meeting point and a central cozy part of the home, more homeowners are seeking creative styles and designs to make their kitchen pop. For 2017, here are some hot trends we are observing among homeowners. HomesScope PR team is daily in touch and collaboration with the best design companies and experts from all around the World. We know the best kitchen designers and artists, and being completely honest we can tell you straight forward – most of them will always recommend timeless kitchen designs that never go out of style. Visiting our website you can find the latest and greatest innovations from renowned manufacturers to make your kitchen purposeful and more functional. Thereupon you need to think of the best design that will fit your needs and your lifestyle for the many years to come. Having bold and funky color accents is always a good idea, but they are best express via decorative details and small temporary furnishings, like a set of plates or mugs, elegant vase, soap dispensers, or carpets...

April 2017
Our Resolution!!!
Our Resolution

It's that time of year when, after weeks of celebration and relaxation we turn our attentions to self-improvement with New Year resolutions. Even if you don't believe those resolutions actually work, having listed goals for 2017 really might help you achieve them. Goals and resolutions are essentially the same thing. You want to get a fresh start on a new year, so you set some goals and call them resolutions. Simple as this. And, as of course we cannot expect goals to happen magically, including some action items must be on our lists too. Here is HomesScope’s wish list and how we are planning to make the list work for us. As well as for the entire army of our valuable associate members. HomesScope to become recognised as No 1 interior design and architecture platform across the GCC. We are satisfied with our work on company branding, as we are already well known within the industry in the region. However, even though we are number one already, we still want to work on our brand awareness...

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