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May 2017
Naughty or Nice, HomesScope is Doing Good
Naughty or Nice, HomesScope is Doing Good

This year passed by too soon. When you have a dream and work towards it, it’s called a goal. This goal creates self-driven motivation each day and time pass by so swiftly.

It feels just like yesterday, (well actually it has been a little over a year!) That I got this brilliant idea of starting a website that showcases the most well done up homes in the region, to know a home owner’s interior design ideas is my passion. Every person's ideas and creativity is different and so is their experience.

With a few phone calls, I realised the homeowners were happy to have me over. With my DSLR I would capture their beautiful home into my lens and their experience in my recorder, before putting it on my site to share it you passionate people!

As this idea conceptualised I realised I need to give people more. Attending Interior Design exhibitions around the world has been a habit, passion and immensely satisfying experience. This treasure that I had collected in the form of catalogues and cards were more than numbers and contact details, they were resources to make one's dream abode!

Architects, Interior Designers, Furniture Manufacturers from the around the globe who would happily provide their services in the region were sitting on my table ready to be served like hot Christmas pie!

So with a fresh rebranding, we now present to you HomesScope.com a site that brings you the best in Interiors as we believe your home has the scope to look as good as your resources!

Looking back at the year of 2016, I think I’ve been generally well behaved. Following your dream and trying hard to reach your goals is always a good thing to do, in spite of acting naughty for just a few days out of 365. However, ignoring couple of messages or phone calls, having some sweet bites late at night or making useful networking connections here and there doesn’t make you a bad person. We can say you are good with a gentle touch of naughty. The same as I am. And that’s why Santa’s gifting me with the happiness and satisfaction I have earned in the previous months. It actually feels nice to stop your journey for a moment and look around. HomesScope is doing well so far, still, I am sure the best is yet to come.

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