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July 2017
Nature At Its Best

The human desire to be closer to nature is likely due to the fact they sub consciously understands the importance of ecology and is continuously thinking of ways to coexist without harming the natural healing cycle. We as human instinctively desire a greener environment especially now that our current environment is plagued by pollution and unsustainable practices performed by industrial complexes and corporations.

People spend most of their time indoors but the majority of modern architecture interiors are far from being green aesthetically and in functionality. To effectively push the concept of ecological living, the green concept must be brought into the environment where individuals spend their majority of the time. The benefit of having a product which promotes the practice of green and sustainable living conditions is substantial in our current living scenario. Greenery creates a happy environment to work and to live.

Plants are considered to create positive energy in the work and home environment as it is a living thing which requires care just like us human beings, but most of them find a hard time to maintain the live plants and having a Gardner or giving maintenance contract is an additional cost. Also, plants require pots and a dedicated space in the office which can be used for other purposes.

It’s a very famous saying – “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”. HomesScope being that gleaner are introducing you to some unique products Cladonia Stellaris or Stellar Moss by My Balcony Likes, considering them as one of the keys to resolving these issues for indoor plants. The Cladonia Stellaris is lichen comprised of fungi and algae, lacking root structure. It absorbs nutrition from the surrounding air which is naturally found in the Northern Arctic, the Cladonia Stellaris grows at a prolonged rate. Fully matured Cladonia Stellaris is approximately 50 years old and it is a natural indicator of the surrounding ecological system in the Northern Arctic. They thrive on clean air and pollution-free environment. Cladonia Stellaris is preserved using only natural minerals and carefully removed from its natural habitat and preserved using natural minerals to achieve a dormant state. It is used to create products which promote an eco-lifestyle and sustainable interior by implementing functionality in the form of nature without maintenance.

Some of the key features Cladonia Stellaris provides to its users

  • Air purification
  • Deodorizing
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Humidity control

As you can see the advantages of using this product is wide and varied thus giving the end user a hassle free green interior which is what every customer is looking for. For more info find the company’s contact details below, and see some of their amazing projects we’ve chosen to show you.

Contact Number: +971509957808 / +971529957831

Email: admin@mybalconylikes.com







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