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July 2017
Just a Perfect Windows Dressing

Curtains are so much more than a piece of fabric that blocks the sunlight during the day and gives privacy at night. Being a style statement and mandatory accessory in our homes and offices, the curtains play a big part in the overall interior design. But, too often, a poor choice of the curtain can make a huge difference to the ambiance. On the other hand, the right selection of curtains can enhance the décor of your living room, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms, and be the perfect match with other interior design elements to neatly complete the entire impression.

One thing our Dubai readers will agree on for sure – living in this region and dealing with the long and hot summer year after year, we have all learned to appreciate the power of the curtains a little bit more. Direct sunlight causes discomfort due to extreme heat and at times it can also damage furniture and indoor accessories. But besides coverings our windows and keeping away direct sunlight from entering the rooms, curtains also make an important energy saver, as keeping the room cool. In most homes, 10-25% of thermal energy loss is from windows. Proper curtains fixed on your windows could reduce your energy bill up to 25%. Curtains in your home can also be beneficial because they prevent dust from entering the room and building up on the furniture, as collecting a certain amount of the dust from the air. Moreover, a well-designed piece of drapes affects our mood too. After a long tiring day out, you just need to feel the warmth and comfort walking in your home. Curtains are always there, providing the shadow during the daylight, and that much-needed privacy and peaceful moments when gets dark.

But if you ask us what is the most important side of having curtains fixed in your home, we would unquestionably say – aesthetic one! Here’s where a good sense of curtain design can really make all the difference. Well-chosen pattern, color, and material that complement the rest of the interiors can really add feelings to the room. Curtains are the best piece to spice up space and provide that little charm to make you feel special while at home and welcome your guests, making them feel like home too.

We know picking the right one can be an elusive, confusing task, so today’s blog post is dedicated exclusively to curtains, and one of the best design firms within the field – Lakbir Design. Their passion is bringing heart to your home by designing perfect, custom – made drapes to elevate your space and give a lasting impression on you and the people in your life. They customize drapery down to the very last detail, working with you step by step, from the initial idea till the final execution process. Initial steps involve reviewing the space and selecting colors and fabric accordingly. After this phase, their experts get to work and begin designs for your review. Finalization includes accentuating drapery with detailing and fine elements.


View below our favorite projects by Lakbir Design, and contact them through the link to see how they can assist you

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