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July 2017

Thinking about how to promote your brand or business on Social Media?

Well, if you were the one telling customers that your product was the best, why would they believe you? But if a trusted authority says your product is awesome, consumers are more likely to trust them. Agree? #influencermarketing it is!

Influencers: brands want them, and bloggers and others want to be them. But who are they? What do they do? And what makes someone a social media influencer?

Influencers are nowadays the key actors of your brand development! Action and social mentions are driven more effectively by these influencer. Having a wide audience that already loves and trusts them, they can make any brand famous within varied different publics.

HomesScope being one of the leading platforms for promoting building design professionals is one of the few influencers that fully understands the potential of cooperating with brands and business. We know the importance and value an influencer possess, and the brand value they can create. By being one, we shoulder an enormous responsibility for creating brand equity and market buzz for our valuable clients. We also endorse and publicize an array of best professional architects and designers for all landscaping and interior designing needs.

It’s always an astute idea to constantly look for new ways to create awareness around your brand. And using influencers to build your brand value is a great way to do it. Influencers have the ability to reach very specific audiences. Instead of you relying on thousands of followers, influencers will help you ensure people read and engage with your content.

Thinking a step beyond buyer persona and by establishing an influencer persona tends to be a valuable way for marketers to be sure they are reaching the right influencers. The most effective influencer marketing strategies is to build and foster strong relationships with current network, happy consumers and new influencers who are active in relevant verticals. Since influencer marketing is all about building strong relationships, a strategy that values a mutually beneficial relationship is key. 

Consumer want authenticity from the brands they interact with. When marketers equip influencers with an entire experience to share about a brand or product the posts are more engaging. So, the important thing is developing relationships with influencers before you need them. Relationship building takes time and once the connection is there, activating influencers becomes a lot more logical and effective.

It is always the same, people tend to trust peer recommendations over any company advertisement. Working with social media influencers is another step toward humanizing your brand. If you have social media influencers with loyal audiences, a brand mention goes much further than a Tweet from your account. These followers trust the influencer’s opinion, which is why they follow them in the first place. Reputation plays such a key role in buyer decisions. More so than anything else, social media influencers are great at speaking to their core demographic.

The popularity of Instagram and Facebook Video has marketers looking for more opportunities with social media video. A report from CISCO’s visual networking index claims online video traffic will account for 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

Creating thoughtful and engaging content isn’t the easiest job on the planet. However, influencers can help you get your brand in the right direction. So still thinking about how to promote your brand or business on Social Media?


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