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May 2017
HomesScope at The Carpet & Art Oasis

The Carpet & Art Oasis is a not-to-be-missed exhibition of some of the rarest and most unique carpets and rugs from various well-known carpet producing countries of the world. Ofcourse, HomesScope team was there and we are excited to share with you our experience and creative moments and ideas we collected from the show.

A unique annual event, which now draws in thousands of tourists and visitors from all around the world to Dubai, the Carpet & Art Oasis of Dubai Customs, was first launched in 1996 as one of the main long-running attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DFS).

Over the years, the Carpet & Art Oasis exhibition has transformed Dubai into a remarkable re-export hub for carpet manufacturers and traders around the globe. This year’s Carpet Oasis have featured over 250,000 carpet items presented by 54 exhibitors from 7 countries around the world, including tens of thousands of silk products from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Eastern Europe. Carpet Oasis will also offer a large collection of antique souvenirs.

This year’s exhibition was held at Dubai World Trade Centre, offering a treasure trove of exquisite and priceless carpets and a comprehensive range of handmade floor coverings. From a tiny carpet outlet to one of the world’s largest exhibitions of hand-woven mats, the Carpet & Art Oasis is gaining grandeur year after year both in terms of exhibition space, the level of participation and the items on display.

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