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May 2017
HomesScope 2016 Retrospect!
HomesScope 2016 Retrospect

The New Year is slowly approaching, and with the holiday season already upon us many people are indulging in retrospection and re-evaluating some of their choices and actions that have taken place in the 2016. As we said in our previous blog post, we think we’ve been very dedicated last year, hence we’re now enjoying the taste of all the juicy and sweet fruits we’ve been grown.

This year’s edition of Dubai Design Week has generously offered us more than 150 design-dedicated events city-wide, including exhibitions, product launches, creative installations and more. That was another opportunity for HomesScope to meet the best designers, architects, and exhibitors from all over the world taking part in this majestic event that started last year and has tripled in size and number of participants in 2016. HomesScope team was really enjoining the most prestigious happening in the region as per the design lovers and industry professionals. We are glad to be sharing our unique experience with you, selecting some of the most exciting moments as well as the most beautiful exhibits worth of sharing, in pictures and words.


Our team prides itself on growing popularity of our major section “Creative house of the month”. Last year we have interviewed proud home owners of the most beautiful homes in Dubai and captured different corners of their living space, giving our readers exclusive stories as a monthly dose of inspiration. Subsequently, the outcomes of our hard work started popping up in a form of your positive feedback, comments, likes and overall excitement that we could feel. That made us even more proud and motivated to keep up the good enactment and improve it in the following year.

HomesScope 2016 Retrospect

But as for the 2016, considering all our achievements, those small and the major ones, seeing all the new increased figures of around 3000+ on our social media accounts and the viewership on our site that has touched the 5000 mark, we know for sure that HomesScope is rapidly moving forward. Furthermore, we are extremely proud of our superb public relations upshots including features being recently publicized in a relevant UAE press, thus we can safely say that our company has become the best supportive platform and trustworthy site to promote all types of interior designing products and services.

Last year we gave you our word - We leave no stones unturned to help our associate members to get sourced and known in the Middle East region. And the promise is still on!

We wish you to enjoy the upcoming New Year’s Eve surrounded with the loved ones! See you next year with a lot more excitement 😉



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