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June 2017
Guideline to a Beautiful Summer Garden in Dubai

Hello, hello! Welcome back to our regular blog posts and the weekly dose of inspiration for all design enthusiasts across the Globe! Here we share professional tips and tricks on gardening in Dubai, from the best plants to select for your garden or balcony to the step by step directions of how to cultivate plants by yourself and so much more!

As gardening in Dubai is not an easy job at all, especially during the summer heat when many plants including grass suffering, we wanted to share with our citizens’ different experiences, some tips about the plants and trees they have tried and tested. So, if you want your Middle Eastern garden or balcony to look great all year round, try planting what we suggest. Moreover, HomesScope landscaping companies and outdoor furniture designers will give you an extra advice on how to design that dream garden to make beautiful yet functional outdoor setting according to the local circumstances.

While some of the plants are sensitive and unable to survive the UAE’s cruel summer, there are some species stronger and adjusted to such an environment. You must have seen Petunia around. Our city is famous for its spacious colorful carpets growing in our communities and along the highways. Choose these beautiful flowers in any color or pattern available and place them on the ground or hanging baskets in your backyard or balcony.


Frangipani is another survivor recommended for the local environment. This small tree is also very beautiful, easy to maintain and affordable. Just a couple of those plants makes your garden look like a green haven. After you plant your tiny tree, don’t expect it to grow fast. But once it is rooted and adjusted to the new location it will grow into tall green beauty overnight, allowing you to cut the branches and cultivate it afterward. Just stick the cut branches back to the soil, water it and take care of it and you will have your very new Frangipani in a couple of months. And that is the most fun and joyful part of any gardening journey, anywhere on the Earth.

The Natal Plum, also known as Carissa Macrocarpa is an evergreen, small thorny bush which has all the predispositions to survive Dubai’s hottest season. It produces shiny, deep green leaves and pure white flowers whose perfumed scent intensifies at night. Carissa macrocarpa is quite easy to grow. Its seeds germinate 2 to 4 weeks after sowing. The development of the seedlings is very slow at first. Plants cultivated from seeds are bearing fruits within the first 2 years. After the young branches have built a callus, in approximately 2 months, the cutting must be removed from the parent and planted in sand under moderate shade. The plant is indigenous and does not need fertilizer. However, as per our readers’ feedback, the maintenance of Carissa Macrocarpa is a piece of cake. Go for it, and don’t forget to tell us how it goes.

Inspiration plus comes from professionals in landscape designing and outdoor furnishing, and you know HomesScope will choose for you the best and latest that market has to offer at the moment. Stay tuned for the detailed guide and for now enjoy the pictures!

Ambar Garden amazing outdoor setting


Outdoor Furniture from La Veranda


Landscape design by Desert INK

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