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May 2017
Colorful New Beginning
Colorful New Beginning

2017 is around the corner waiting for the big midnight moment to show up caring the presents and the New Year’s resolutions prepared for each and everyone. Do you already feel that new beginnings’ spirit which inspires you to decisively go for some big changes and achievements in 2017? To be honest, we at HomesScope are really excited, looking forward to the fresh beginnings and the new opportunities.

However, if one of yours New Years’ resolutions implies giving your living space a modern makeover, HomesScope is here to point you in the right direction. Wondering what will be the next hot trend to adorn your interior design with? The answer is – geometrics pattern. Moreover, our design experts recommend a particular Dubai-based artist Cecilia Settardahl, who is basically a design trendsetter in the country, applying those popular geometric patterns in her design and art, to create beautiful bespoke canvas, carpets and cushions. If you decide to incorporate just couple of these art pieces into your interiors, that minor change will immediately bring life, colour, and exclusivity to your home.

Canvas Carpets Cushions by Cecilia is a brand born from Cecilia’s passion for art and design with combinations of form and colour. Painting is where it began, but an invitation to attend an Indian wedding in Mumbai and a chance meeting with a carpet company truly changed her career path. That journey resulted with two original paintings being hand knotted into two unique carpets. The beginnings of Canvas Carpets Cushions were developed into the concept it is today: transforming unique art into limited edition hand knotted carpets.

With each carpet produced on a limited run of up to ten pieces, owners can be assured of something truly special and unique, and will appreciate the bespoke nature of the product and brand. Alongside and to compliment the canvas and carpets offering, accent cushions made here in the UAE have been added to their range of products.

Visit Cecilia Setterdahl FZ LLC at Dubai Design District
Call +971 4 552 0308
Or contact them via email info@carpetscc.com

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