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August 2017

Do you want to make a room in your house look fresh with a whole new look? One of the most affordable and quickest ways to do so is adding or changing curtains. Curtains make a huge difference. As any decorator will tell you, curtains and drapes make a room – but only when chosen precisely. When it comes to window facelift, it’s the matter of color, fabric, length, custom-made vs off-the-shelf, traditional or contemporary the list is endless. With so many decisions to make, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and devastated. There comes the expert and pro for advising and narrowing down the options and characterizing the right curtains for your living space. In this blog, we brings to you the curtain’s collection of New York based Designer and Draperies Expert Lakbir Mahajan, Founder of LDesign to help you transform your home decoration with style.

Just as your wardrobe changes for the autumn, so can your home decoration. A simple change in your curtains can add character, manage light and temperature as well as bring the season of joy into your home. The hot weather has your home begging for fresh, light-weight and breezy curtain designs that will breathe new life in your home décor. Window curtains are one of the easiest ways to give a room a face-lift. They have the power to instantly brighten or soften a room and with a little innovation, you can inject design and drama into any space. You can even decorate your interior with drapes in shades of pumpkin, rust and maple giving it a feel particularly suited for the autumn season.

Here’s an easy guide on the types, shades and designs of curtains you can use to revamp your décor:

Cosmos – These curtains are prepared by beautifully and skillfully embellishing Swarovski like crystals and Zari threads on velvet and silk textiles in a cream and blue spiral design. You can use these curtains to control the light and temperature in the room with a hint of modernity. Cool shades like blue and green keep the heat at bay. Velvet is also a good option due to its density and silk is an excellent alternative as well. Cosmos blue, for instance, brings serenity to a space and is great for rooms where you unwind. For a rich, elegant feel that shines in the sunlight, pick these curtains as it incorporate all the essentials to boost your interior.

Crystal blossoms – Crystal Blossoms drapes are created by embellishing Swarovski like crystals on a sheer white flowy fabric with an addition of golden embroidery and flower prints transforming it into one of the beauty marvel to adore. Accented with a light glaze, this collection expose subtle silvery-crème sheen. Linen and cottons are fantastic light-weight fabrics made for warmer months. Transparent voile is a great way to let the sunshine in. Thus by choosing this curtain you are allowing your abode to breathe in light modishly.

Mohini – Something pink is always in the trend. SO why not transform those old traditional pink drapes to alluring Mohini Drapes. You just have to get a combination of velvet and sheer fabric bedecked with golden thread in flowery pattern. This design provides embellished embroidered artwork which is immensely magnificent and illustrious to behold.

Sindoor – Red vertical velvet ending inside out adds a lot of glamour when stitched with zari thread and sequin work on a cream satin textile, just giving that something extra to transform your simple décor to an admirable ethereal arrangement.

Oasis – Exemplifying the oasis this drape is a composition of graceful and dazzling metallic intricate sequin hand work on tousled brown fabric. The lustrous coat of this drape brings together the underlying tones of bronze and brown to produce consolidated imageries of line work and textures. Floral designs are a great way to bring summer blossoms into your home or a fresh leaf print in gorgeous shades of brown and aqua will bring the spring garden indoors!

Obelisk – You get an obelisk when fused with dazzling combination of glasswork and crystal on a sheer satin white fabric. Soft, modern prints inspired by nature looks very gorgeous. Yet this collection stands apart with its retro and geometric patterns making it a little vogue. Emanating neutrality and calmness, this design reflects the misty stillness of the place it is adorned in. By using these drapes you can easily give an imperial feel to your home as its fabric intensify the playful spirit of summer.

Illusion – When a double layered fabric is used to compliment color and texture, embellished with scattered purple sequin on pink cotton silk and sheer peach textile an illusion is created. This drape acquired its name due to its sole purpose of creating semblance and delusion of one single drape. You can be a trendsetter by mixing up fabrics and colors to customize your curtains. For instance, using this collection you are combining and complimenting pink cotton silk curtain by a light purple sheer curtain layered around the pelmet allowing your room to burst with color.

Night sky – Intricate and exquisite sequin hand work on exotic black net fabric layered with beautiful cream silk elaborately adorned with Swarovski like crystals deliver a Night sky drape for those entire modern contemporary design lovers to behold. You can also be one of them, you just have to transform your interior with a Night sky Drape letting your home bedazzled by its exquisiteness. Rendered with tones ranging from expressive turquoises to black poly silk with crystal stones & jewels, this fabric is accentuated with an underlying gleam.

Pearl Escent – Pearl Escent drape is created to adorn almost all standards of décor considering the authenticity of its dazzling and alluring pearl and metallic thread embroidery work on pure cotton silk fabric. Golden embroidery, ornate designs and crystal embellishments lend a luxurious, regal appeal to this collection.

Filigree – This drape is designed and forged with thread knots embedded in colorful sequin by hand on different fabrics to give it a vibrant voguish look. You can pair this particular drape with any sheer sequin drape for more exotic look.

Gossamer – This Gossamer drape is galvanized from a ballerina dress and is consolidated with sheer crème textile and net scales & glass work embellishments. Each embellishment on this material is hand tailored in separate lines, which revamp this fabric into a white flowy fairy tale looking drape. If you are a fable believer and fairy tale lover then this drape is perfectly contrived for you.

Black Forest – Designing and tailoring black net fabric embellished with sequins with a layer of contrasting satin bird print fabric devise the Black Forest Drapes to be adorned delightedly in your condos and abodes. Decorative in a tasteful way, the facades of this drape project everything from modern geometries to natural, floral imageries. Vintage and rich fabric print ooze glamour and transform a space instantly.

Breeze – Crafted artfully with sophistication, this collection showcase textures of luxuriant richness. These Breeze Drapes are a formulation of thread work on sheer crème cotton with a splash of sequins for a hint of glitter. You can go for these sheer sequined drapes for more contemporary look.

Nirallo – These drapes are designed with tousled and tinted lime green fabrics embellished with glitter net and silk edging. Highlighted with intricacy and elegance, this collection is a contemporary rendition of designs from the Modern contemporary era. You can opt for this collection to formulate and create an imperial illusion of your interior.

So these are the collective pieces of curtains and drapes you can go for this autumn for more lively and regal look. If you wish to know more about these bespoke collections, refer Lakbir Mahajan’s interview in our exclusive Design Talk Show. Have fun while decorating! Pride and satisfaction come with making your own personal design statement for your home. So Renew, Overhaul, and Relish your décor. Cheerio!!


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