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May 2017
3 Ways of Sourcing Design Professionals and Products
1. Word of Mouth. It is the most conventional way of sourcing professionals for our interior needs. Observing our friends and neighbours’ homes sometimes we just want exactly the same front door or dining table, or wall paint to see in our living place too. Sometimes we are just amazed by what we’ve seen, by the level of creativity, knowledge and professionalism that the one put working on our neighbour’s house makeover. So we ask for his number. Simple as this.
Pros: We can trust our own eyes and our friends’ experience
Cons: Do we really want to have in our house the concepts so similar to the ones used in homes that we visit often? Probably no! Furthermore, we usually find out about good designers and architects and the projects they worked on at the moment we absolutely don’t need them. By the time we’ll decide to hire one, we’ll probably have his business card misplaced and his name forgotten.
Then we are forced to go for another option:
2. Source a Completely New Company. Self-research can be a good start if you want to find a new design company to offer your trust to. Precisely, online search is something that can bring you a plenty of images and information about companies that could hypothetically make functional and satisfactorily design for your house. Although it’s been named “blind trust”, you can still ensure you are getting a right firm to be trusted to deal with something that important like your home is. You must check their previous projects, and try to find extra details about the employees visiting websites one by one likewise to try finding some reliable review of the project you saw on the photos, which will be very difficult and most likely impossible.
Pros: The Internet is your partner (but not the trusted partner at all times)
Cons: It will be difficult to source companies from around the globe providing services in the region you live in. Above all, it takes a lot of time to visit websites one by one, to search their experience and expertise and finally to shortlist the ones you would like to contact. However, be prepared for a serious work and possible eyestrain.
3. As the best option always comes the last, we welcome you to visit HomesScope.com, your one stop online platform offering the most comprehensive interior design information about products, services and professionals needed to reach design excellence. You can now source companies from different countries giving services in the UAE; you can perceive images of their projects, read and compare reviews and ratings and approach them in only one click.
Pros: Available more than 10 categories and easy browsing through; time-saving, absolutely free and user-friendly
Cons: We keep you informed, amazingly inspired, and continually motivated to make another small step ahead for happier household and those joyful moments within the family, so the makeover never gets to end! Neither our satisfaction.

Visit us at www.HomesScope.com

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