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Landscape Designers


There is nothing like being welcomed by a finely manicured lawn featuring lush greenery, fashioned and trimmed to perfection. Whether you are welcoming visitors to your home, or entertaining potential business partners at your own office, a beautiful landscape can leave a lasting first impression. Contact Us for the best quote and Service anywhere here in the UAE or the Middle East if you are planning to create a stunning outdoor environment for your home or a commercial property, like Hotels, Towers, etc.


Landscape Designers that deliver ingenious, tailored solutions

The ideal landscape design is one that combines – and achieves harmony – among the following elements: focal point or emphasis, lines, form, texture, colour, balance, repetition, and simplicity. With the experience and expertise of the landscape companies featured here on our website, they can surely create designs that seamlessly incorporate these elements, thus transforming any piece of land in your backyard or front yard into a work of art. Whether you want a landscaping design that draws inspiration from Mediterranean, zen, or coastal themes, or a low maintenance desert garden or xeriscape, these are the landscape companies that can turn your vision to reality. You may also opt to add water features into your ideal landscaping design, like a stunning infinity pool or a natural-looking pond, or perhaps outdoor fixtures like a gazebo or a pergola. Patios and walkways are also perfect additions, especially on the front yard, as these enhance the curb appeal of your property. Stylish outdoor lighting fixtures also add a touch of magic and beauty, particularly at night.

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