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Interior Design - 10 Restaurant Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2019! Dubai, UAE

 10 Restaurant Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2019!

A restaurant should not only serve delectable cuisine, but a feel of luxury to its customers.

A Restaurant’s interior Design should be amazingly unique, so that people like to visit it more often.
Here are few tips, how you can design your restaurant to make it the talk of the town.



#1. Minimalism Is Back In A Small Way

One of the trends that will be taking pride on the pages of restaurant design magazines in 2019 is minimalism. Taking it one step further than stripping back all the unwanted elements from your restaurant design, this trend designs the restaurant with minimalism as a focus from the outset.


This trend will see restaurant designers ensuring that from the very start of their design, the layout and use of space will be geared towards allowing the customer to enjoy your cuisine without the distractions of an overly populated décor. It would seem then that in 2019 when it comes to restaurant design, less is more.



#2. The Atmosphere That Speaks For Itself

The idea that a restaurant should be filled with distractions is a thing of the past. Nowadays, most restaurant design requirements will include a need for the customers to be able to talk to each other. This allows the customers to discuss the meal, or the restaurant’s atmosphere, adding more value to their experience.
Going to a restaurant to eat has become more of a social event. The notion is similar to that of the communal eating, minus the large seating areas. The fixtures and furniture, or even the restaurants’ decors are positioned in a way that they won’t hinder the customers from having chitchats. The restaurant’s comfortable and homey ambience is enough to make the restaurant more conducive to socialising.




#3. A More Bespoke Touch To Lighting

Lighting has always played an important role in a successful restaurant design. Previously, lighting tended to be used in a far more utilitarian manner. They were bright and colourful and above all, eye-catching. New trends have seen restaurant designers in 2018 move towards a different way of using lighting.
Technology has changed the way we use lights in our homes and workspaces, so why not in our restaurants? The ability to have much more control over your lighting allows you to have a far more dynamic use of light in your restaurant. This means whether you install one-off bespoke lighting pieces or you create a lighting system that changes with the mood, bespoke lighting can completely change your customers’ perception towards your restaurant.



#4. Local Art All Over

Since time immemorial, many restaurants have added artistry in their designs. 2019 will be no different as restaurant design concepts will feature a much wider use of arts provided by local artists. Designers will be using more locally sourced art pieces to adorn their walls and add a certain creativity to the overall décor while supporting local artists in the process.



#5. A Sustainable Design Concepts

Sustainability has held the headlines for years, but now more than ever, it is becoming a seriously valuable design point. People are taking it into account in all aspects of their day to day lives, and this does not stop at going out to eat. Successful restaurant design companies can now use various ideas to ensure that your restaurant maintains a sustainable look without sacrificing its beauty and style.



#6. Colour Scheme

A skilfully used colour scheme can enhance the over all look and the feel of the place. Can use different colour scheme for different sections of the restaurant or a unified colour all over, whichever suits the mood one wants to create. An excellent colour theme is an expert luxury interior designer. Family restaurant look good in pastel colours while pubs or discs should have vibrant hues. The colour scheme should be in accordance to the furniture used.



#7. Recycle & Re-use

Though this is part of the sustainable design concept, this idea goes further by using reclaimed and recycled materials for décors. Fitting in perfectly with several other trends seen last year, this can certainly set your restaurant apart from many others.
Recently, many recycled materials have been made into workable design features. Recycled paper can now be made into napkins or tablecloths; old railway sleepers can be turned into tabletops or bar surfaces. When it comes to recycling, the possibilities are pretty much endless.



#8. A Good Table Mix

Analyse our target customers to determine the right blend of tables. Mix up the 2, 4 and 6 top tables according to the type of restaurant. More 6 tops are needed in family restaurants and more 2 tops are needed in pubs and discotheques. A perfect Interior Design should pay heed to every individual’s need, a little privacy for couples, open space for family and silent comers for business meetings.



#9. Theme

Picking up an amazingly unique theme for the restaurant that would stand out of the crowd. People always search for something new, benefit with a treading food or cuisine, rising popularity of tea, healthy fast food or the growing love for Italian food. Try out themes like Airplane restaurant theme, cruise themed restaurant, caged tree house themed restaurant, rainforest themed restaurant, jungle or wood tornado theme, y not a robotic theme restaurant either.



#10. Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, where the menu comes to life. Can go for a design where the restaurant kitchen would have a unique service window or glass doors. Clients find it fascinating to watch the working of a restaurant kitchen, say expert luxury interior at Futomic. Invest in the stylish shelf, if planning an open kitchen. Keep the kitchen well illuminated with proper ventilation.



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