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Interior Design - Terrace Makeover Dubai, UAE

 Summer Décor: It's Time for Terrace Makeover!

A well-designed terrace is like an oasis of calm amid the bustle of the busy city.

Give this outdoor zone a facelift with nature-inspired furnishing, comfy lounges and entertainment areas.


#1. Set Up A Garden

A green garden on the rooftop brings in a feeling of calm and peace while enhancing the overall experience of your home. Instead of just growing a lawn, which often causes roof-load and moisture-management issues, try to bring in a Zen garden. Also referred to as ‘rock’ or ‘dry landscape’ gardens, they spruce up the look of the terrace with a harmonious balance of gravel, boulders and rocks with shrubs, plants and grass. In this picture, sustainable garden design use pebbles and pavers interspersed with patches of greenery to make a charming Japanese-inspired garden. You can lay down faux grass in some parts, which is low-maintenance and budget-friendly, too.


#2. Increase The Greenery Of The Walls

There is a lot of creativity that we can show using the walls. Walls seem to be restricted areas that we cannot use for modifications, but this is not true. We can replace the walls with growing bamboo or grow creepers on the walls to add a green touch to them. This doesn't just make your terrace look greener, but trendier too.


#3. Fence The Borders

Tightly packed buildings in the heart of a city are often a hindrance to privacy. Fencing the terrace boundaries with wooden slats and other natural materials can give the zone a warm and cosy feeling without it being too restrictive. In the image, using timber fencing to create a natural ‘jaali’ that provides a much-needed sense of openness without intruding on the owners’ privacy. The spaces in between the fencing allow natural ventilation.


#4. Light Up The Surroundings

Light up your roof using beautiful lights so that you can't keep yourself away from it even during the night time. Be creative and use lamps of various colours, shapes, and sizes. Using fairy lights can add a subtle shine to the surroundings. Try to light up every nook and corner so that your terrace glows up beautifully at night.


#5. Convert It Into A Jacuzzi Area

Convert the terrace into a make-shift spa with a hot tub or a jacuzzi. In this space, place a jetted whirlpool bath strategically close to the edge so it feels like an infinity pool. Of course, it helps that this space overlooks a view like that. The wooden flooring around the tub doubles as a deck where you can place a beach chair or throw some cushions to laze around. If you live in a place high in humidity or rain, replace the wood with low-maintenance tiles or stone.


#6. Provide Seating Arrangement

What's more exciting than being able to sit between the beauty that you had worked too hard to set up?

it's highly advisable to set up a sitting space in your garden so that you can find a place to sit and relax with your family and friends. Choose lightweight wooden chairs and a coffee table to serve the purpose or sets up a relaxed lounge area using wicker sofas, beige cushions and mattresses, offset the black furniture and ensure comfort.


#7. Create A Pergola Bar

Bring in a pergola that can be used as a bar area or even an outdoor barbecue station. Erect a pergola with wooden support cross-beams and pillars and an etched-glass roof for a decorative touch. The glass provides good cover on rainy days and saves precious outdoor furniture.


#8. Add A Playground

The raised wooden platform-containers provide a base for greenery and gravel. Some of the in-between area is used for a stainless-steel slide and there’s a sandpit at the bottom!
A playground of your wildest dreams.


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