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 DINING ROOM - 15 Elegant Designs For Any Style.

For many, the dining room serves as the very heart of the home –

it's where families gather to share the stories of the day, where old friends can make new memories, where doodles and work documents can stretch their legs.
A dining room should be a place where you can spend time every day and not get tired of your surroundings.


Having said that oft-repeated advice about writing and art, "you have to know the rules before you break them" is a vital part of interior design theory. This saying is especially helpful to remember when mixing styles or eras – it's always better to have an intimate understanding of the styles you want to emulate before embarking to reinvent those time-tested concepts. But nobody needs to be an expert to simply explore the options. In fact, these eclectic dining rooms will help you learn the art of mixed-era design so you can adapt some of those transcendent dining room ideas to work within your own home.



The beautiful dining pendant light used here is the rather aptly named Vertigo pendant. The darker colour scheme in this room keeps things a little bit more mysterious. What will the next course be?



The chairs used in this design are one of the most successful designs of the industrial age, the famous 1859 Era Chair. Above, substantial metal pendant lights bring out the industrial attitude bestowed by the glossy black table and chairs.



This modern dining room is a veritable gallery of classic chair designs, ranging from Wegner to Panton to Eames. The lamps are also a throwback of sorts –these blown glass lamps as part of the Never-ending Glory Collection, inspired by iconic chandeliers from the world’s most important opera houses and theatres.



When you bring greenery into a dining room, like here, you automatically turn your senses to the fresh and leafy possibilities of every meal while allowing guests to breathe fresher air.



The way that this low, dark table is almost a mirror image of the elevated kitchen shelving gives this modern dining area a bit of a twisted Alice in Wonderland feel.



This dining room manages to feel both unfinished and completely polished. Perfect for a host that never wants guests to get too comfortable.



The wooden modern dining chairs here play nicely with the wooden wall design on the opposing wall. An open floor plan makes these kinds of complements necessary.



With a bit of inspiration from an artist’s loft, this messy dining table looks to be just as comfortable cover in canvases as crudite.



With such a wine collection in full view, who could say no to another glass at this table?



On the other end of the spectrum is this nearly futuristic space with chairs that pop and sleek, monochromatic design.



Beautiful wooden floors offer a classic touch, as do the flowing curtains and scalloped pendant lights. Everything seems so very elegant and warm despite the relatively minimalistic pieces used throughout.



Why not go for a  beautiful round dining table?



Sloped ceilings and a patchwork rug give this hipster dining room and carefully crafted artistic appeal.



Extremely warm and inviting – this space uses a finish that brings out the yellow tones in the wood floors and cabinets.



A lovely dining arrangement well suited to such a distinctive layered interior. Wood and white accents flow smoothly with the surrounding room.


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