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 13 Kitchen Tips To Help You Design And Accessorize Yours

It is believed that we spend on average three years of our lives in the kitchen.

Whether we are preparing a family meal, a gastronomic dinner party or relaxing with friends over a drink or two, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Why settle for second best when you can easily create your dream kitchen and enjoy every minute spent in there.

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s really important: fun, food and life.”  If your kitchen is indeed the heart of your home - or linked with your dining space - then you’ll want to fill it with the kind of luxury you’d expect at your very favourite restaurant. So, get your chef’s hat on and imagine yourself in these amazing spaces as you whip up your signature dish.


Whether you're updating your existing space or adding an extension, follow these steps to successfully design a kitchen


#1. A great kitchen island

Aren’t kitchen islands simply amazing? Placed in the middle of the room, they look stylish and gather everyone in a single place while the host is preparing something delicious. More than a culinary desk, the kitchen island is an interaction bar, and that’s what makes it so perfect for any kitchen room.

Another aspect that makes islands so amazing is their applicability, as they suit both small kitchen design in need of additional sitting, and large dining areas where they are part of a slightly more intimate area.


#2. Choosing kitchen cabinets

When it comes to nerve-wracking kitchen design decisions, cabinetry has an undisputed leadership position. It will be challenging, it will be exhausting, and it will be extremely important for all serious kitchen design ideas!


#3. Be creative with colour.

A pink kitchen may not be the first thing that springs to mind for a luxury kitchen, but a hint of pink is hot right now. Team with some powder blue for pastel coloured wow factor.


#4. Open floor plans

The idea of an open concept kitchen is not at all unusual, especially in the case of modern and contemporary homes. Most often, the kitchen is linked to the dining area and the two spaces are adjacent. The dining table usually becomes a buffer zone between the kitchen and the living/seating area.



#5. See the light

Unlike in other rooms of the house, overhead lighting is insufficient in kitchens, you don’t want the light behind you, casting a shadow on the workspace. You need it positioned to fall in front of you. Go for under-cabinet lights because they shine directly on countertops.



# 6. Add a bit bling

Adding shiny accessories doesn’t have to mean crystal chandeliers or sparkle worktops. These copper desk lamps add a sophisticated metallic touch without being too showy.


#7. Kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring needs to satisfy many criteria – it must be practical, comfortable, damage-proof, and ambience-pleasant. But how is that possible? The flooring is an important element in the open kitchen design planning, and it needs to be both functional and beautiful.
Kitchens work the best with laminate, vinyl, and hardwood, and the choice of patterns and colours is just impressive. You can use flooring to replicate literally every style, from minimalist industrial kitchens to light-tile country French ones. Be sure when you start looking for the floors that you have in mind also kitchen furniture images that may match it.


#8. The functionality rules

Any modern kitchen interior should be functional. Functional doesn’t only refer to space and durability but encompasses several simple tricks you can apply to take proper care of your kitchen.
Whereas the regular cleaning schedule remains in place, consider using light wood for the floors and the cabinets, as it hides dust and wears better than any other similar material. It is not every style but has to do with various high-end requirements in terms of kitchen style.

#9. Add a beautiful rug


#10. Revitalise a kitchen with plants.

Just about every single kitchen looks better with some greenery in it. Whether that’s cascading hanging plants like this one or a line of bushy potted herbs is up to you.


#11. Wine storage

 If wine is your thing, then let it sing! Fashion a towering wine storage rack as part of your kitchen decor for a decadent wine cellar effect.


#12. Choose integrated appliances for a sleek streamlined look.

The modern, open-concept kitchen has resulted in a growing demand for integrated kitchen appliances that reduce unsightly electrical wirings, and that close the gap between functionality and aesthetics. Not only do built-in appliances keep kitchens tidy, but they also improve coherence between it and the rest of your home, creating a more fluid experience.


#13. Find the appropriate kitchen furniture.

 Your kitchen designs must be properly executed in order to allow the rest of the home to function properly.
Beauty will eventually appear on the list of priorities, but what matters the most the function, and this aspect should be particularly considered when evaluating various kitchen models.


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