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 10 Essential Elements of Traditional Indian Interior Design

Indian style interior design is among the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles. Vibrant colours, diverse prints and relaxed ambience can transform any space into an exotic one. If you wish to experience such fervour in your home décor, then start embellishing it with shades of ethnicity. India is a land with a potpourri of cultures and traditions, which makes it unique, rich and vibrant. And infusing these ethnic elements in your home décor will not only give it a unique touch but exhibit the cultural connect. Stay rooted in your traditions in thoughts and exhibit the quintessential Indian aesthetics in your home décor. Here are some of the ways to infuse a dash of ethnicity in your contemporary homes.


Neutralize an Indian-styled living room with the use of a neutral palette and incorporating contemporary pieces. Let the Indian elements come to life through your fabrics, choose a vibrant colour for your pillows, add in an eye-catching rug and hang in a tapestry wall decor that goes with the other attributes of the room. 


1.Traditional decorative cabinets

Vintage distressed Indian Furniture is full of an earthy vibrancy, beautiful carvings and natural patina, Shekhawati blue doors, deep green rustic cabinets. Each room starts with a neutral tone and the accessories or furniture are bold and exotic. Be Bold, Be Different, Be Mogul!

2.Statuary and paintings

Large paintings can serve as centrepieces. If you have several smaller pieces, you can create a gallery wall. Indian home design is also incomplete without the use of statues. While the most common pieces are religious idols of Buddha statues, elephants, camels and turtles are other popular choices. Terracotta, stone and metal figurines can be used as a living room or foyer accents.

From the gold-leafed paintings of Tanjore and the painstaking detail of the Rajasthani miniature paintings to the ever popular Madhubani paintings, India has a wonderful variety of artistic styles.

3. Beautiful Wooden Trellis

These acts as the partition spaces. They are of utmost importance for the interior of the house. They make your living space catchy and worthy.


4. Pick a Beautifully adorned traditional Chandeliers

A clever way to ornament dining area would be to add a novel and beautiful chandelier that’s not only going to bring out the traditional vibe but also is practical and eye-catching as well. Our collection of stunning dining room chandeliers will leave you enthralled

5. Add a touch of traditional style with a swing at home

Adding an indoor swing as a design element which is also known as Oonjal, immediately adds comfort to any room. They are ethnic, traditional & Charming!


6.Give an authentic look to your bedroom by adding traditional décor to your Bedroom.


7.Solid wood furniture

Indian home design offers informal spaces that allow relaxed interaction. Create different levels of seating using high chairs, sofas, diwans and footstools.
This sleek piece, for furniture, mirrors the traditional style of low baithak – a more informal seating arrangement.

8. Door Design for a Traditional Welcome

Entryways often change one’s impression about a home, much before you enter it, no matter how well or not the interiors are.
The one below is a blend of traditional and modernity, this simple teak wood door.


9.Curios and Knick knacks

Rugs and floor cushions lend warmth and comfort to décor. Since India has a large and exciting variety of handicrafts, there are a ton of decorative artifacts to choose from to decorate your home.


 10. Intricate patterns and motifs

Patterns and motifs are a vital part of Indian interior design. These include the Indianized version of the paisley pattern, intricate mandala motifs and nature-inspired themes with flowers, birds, animals.
Use ethnic curtains. Indian Mandala printed curtains can make a big difference. These curtains can glorify your windows and doors as well.


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