Digital Marketing

We empower 5 tools of Digital Marketing, which is now the new as well as most important forms of marketing required to promote a brand and company.

Social Media

Thinking about how to promote your brand on Social Media? Well, if you were the one telling customers that your product was the best, why would they believe you? But if a trusted authority says your product is awesome, consumers are more likely to trust them. Every Company in today’s day and age is relying on Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is no longer a choice but mandatory to be a part of Social Media. We specialize as a platform of Interior Design PR and our creatives are viewed by our network of designers, homeowners & corporates this adds more creditably to the work of our Associate Members. Besides this we can also handle individual Company accounts so that you can manage your time on more important work!

Email Marketing

Professional can benefit from our dense networking database, that prestigious property owners, Hoteliers, realtors and All members of our Professional Directory.


Blogger is the new age journalist! We believe in writing articles that are easy to read and give the users special tips and information. Within these articles we creatively add our members as the expert sources, promoting their experience and professional knowledge, as well as the company they represent.