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Cash Back On Project OR Referral Award

We know any Interior Design Project means, Expenses, Expenses and more Expenses!

How exciting would it be to get some Cash Back on all the expenses that you incurred in the form of some Hard Cash or Shopping vouchers that will let you at least shop for some accessories for free!

HomesScope, has 2 easy ways of earning cash rewards!

For the sake of your convenience we have listed the best suppliers, from various fields, on our Find Professional Section, for all your Residential and Commercial Interior Design Projects. Besides saving time and effort to get your work done, we are giving you up to AED1000 back when you source one of our professional and upload a copy of your Local Purchase Order or Contract Invoice when hiring their services!

Referral Reward

An extra earning to be a Good Samaritan in our Referral Reward program

Suggest HomesScope.com to your friends, neighbors or anyone planning to undertake an Interior Design project, Fill up their contact details on our Referral award page and we promise to give you Shopping Vouchers worth up to AED1000 when your contact engages in our services!

The more referrals the more the vouchers!

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Cash Back on project
Cash will be paid to the same account on Invoice.
Please give bank details or Account name of same account.
Invoice older than 10 days cannot be claimed.
Payment will be made within 2 months of final payment date.
Payment will be made subject to the suppliers payment details.
Referral Award.
Only once the referred person places an order and makes deposit payment to our supplier the cash back will be awarded.

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