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We are your One stop Bespoke Interior Design Solution for Residential and Commercial Projects. Our aim is to ease the process of sourcing Services and Products that requires recommendation, trust and time investment.

We have handpicked companies that promise to deliver and give you the best your project demands.


Source from our expert Professionals who are pioneers in their field and promise to give you unparalleled service at competitive price or Send us a Direct Enquiry and we will source a company that suits your requirement.


In our section, "Trending Homes," we believe a house is not just a home but the embodiment of a persons personality & creativity. We bring to you one such house each month and give you an insight on their interior taste and creativity. We introduce you to the Interior designers who with their knowledge and expertise helped build their dream abode. The place that they source their favorite master pieces or artwork from will all be seen in this section.

We hope you enjoy the experience!

A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter profile and a lightweight Polyvinyl chloride membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings, the system may also be used to create wall applications, ceiling and wall murals, suspended 3-D panels, or freestanding features. They can be given virtually any shape. Stretch Ceiling Systems allow the incorporation of all types of light fixtures, grilles, sprinklers, etc. by the use of proprietary background support. Stretch ceilings create feeling of space and illusion of height (especially lacquer texture). Stretch ceilings will not crack as gypsum panel. They come in extensive range of colours (more then 200) and different textures (Matt, Satin, Lacquer & etc.). Also vastly experienced installers that can fix any lighting system and provide after sale care. Read more
Both Dr. Anand & Mrs. Jasmine Anand love to entert..
The spacious living room. The red Poofs add the li..
The 2 lady paintings are originally from a ..
A house that is bright, colourful and well lit, is..

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When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity.


When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity.

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Resource is the Key! Do you want to make a room in your house look fresh with a whole new look? or need to liven up a garden space. Good resource is all you need!! Hiring a Designing professional or getting interior artifacts or merchandise through a reputed supplier is a...