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We are your Procurement Partner and Consultants for all your Interior Design requirement, whether it is a Residential and Commercial Projects!
Our aim is to accelerate the time it takes to complete your Interior Design Projects, by helping you source the best products- manufactured and supplied as per your specification and within your budget.
Our section "Plan Project" is created for your convenience and broadening your resources! It is a free service that we offer along with consultation, site visit and providing you with a sample and quotation before you decide what is the best choice for your project.



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If you are doing up a simple residential project or a luxurious Commercial Project, Select the category and just send us an enquiry and we will get back to you with the best quote at the shortest possible time!


Every once in a while we come across a revolutionary product or a breath taking project by a designer, that truly motivates us uplift our productivity and get more creative with our Interior Design Projects!

Follow our section to get inspired as we unfold a new trend every fortnight!

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When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity.


When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity.

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