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We are your One-Stop Interior Design Solution for Residential and Commercial Projects!

We work in collaboration with various Design Houses, Architects, Consultants, etc. who consider us their procurement partners as we assist them in sourcing bespoke products, services, exclusive brands and even art from all over the world, accelerating their work and reducing the effort.

Home owners can rely on our expertise for their various Interior Design Projects, for consultation and installation of all bespoke products and services.

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Need to Procure or Manufacture Something Quick, Something Specific, Something Customized or Something not even available in your local markePlan Projectt? Just send us your requirement and specification we will put in all our effort to deliver it to you!


Every once in a while we come across a revolutionary product or a breath taking project by a designer, that truly motivates us uplift our productivity and get more creative with our Interior Design Projects!

Follow our section to get inspired as we unfold a new trend every fortnight!

From room to room, your windows are capable of so much more than simply letting in light and giving you a view to the outside world.

With the right accessories, materials, colours and finishes, they can become a style statement in their own right, whether it’s tiebacks and pelmets, or decorative window film. Read on to find out about some of the different options available for dressing your home’s windows, and how they could become a standout feature of each and every space.

Moss walls are a great addition to any modern work..
A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system co..
Both Dr. Anand & Mrs. Jasmine Anand love to entert..
The spacious living room. The red Poofs add the li..

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When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity.


When you visit a place and notice a great design feature, it shows that you appreciate creativity.

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The heart of every home is by far – The Humble Kitchen. The happiness of every house depends and starts from the Kitchen. We may not be involved in mundane cooking chores but we can never be less involved in what we eat, how we nourish our family, the way we present...


Resource is the Key! Do you want to make a room in your house look fresh with a whole new look? or need to liven up a garden space. Good resource is all you need!! Hiring a Designing professional or getting interior artifacts or merchandise through a reputed supplier is a...